The Best Exercise to Increase Height- Does It Exist?
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Best Exercise to Increase Height: Being short is not a bad thing, but most people who are short find it annoying and long for a fix to it. Although your body pretty much does all its height gaining by the age of 18 or for some lucky people 22-25, it isn’t impossible to gain any further height after that. Gaining height after this has more to do with a stretching and extending of the muscles than actually adding inches to your body. It is all part of nature’s plan of making your life a tad bit tougher as you grow up! So without further ado, here are ways that you can gain some height after all.

Judge the Exercise by its Work:

In order to be effective as a height gaining exercise, the move has to incorporate a good stretching action in the hip section and especially at the top of your thighs. The exercise must also give your calves some stretch.

The More, the Merrier:

Often going for a broad cluster of exercises is the best option to ensure height gain. This can be a routine of mixed exercises that can be consistently practiced.

Let’s now head towards what actually to do-

Bar Hanging:

This is an excellent choice for height gain. Bar hanging is even claimed as the single most effective height gain exercise. This exercise operates on the logic of reversing thinning out of the cartilage and by increasing the space between your vertebra’s. Throughout the course of the day, gravity is constantly grounding you and your body obviously experiences being pulled down. This leads to a compression of the vertebra’s along your spine; they are compressed towards the ground. Bar hanging, pretty much as the name says involves hanging yourself by your clenched hands from a horizontally secured bar. You should hang, that is, your feet should not be touching the ground and should be a good couple or three feet away from it. This suspension of your body from a height leads to a reversal of the compression that gravity does to you joint spaces. Additionally, the weight of the area below your torso stretches your spine further more. The culminated effect of all of this is a gain of a couple inches in height due to more stretched out spine.

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As is for many other goal- achieving journeys, training to gain height will take a lot of patience as well. You have to bear in mind that the results won’t appear overnight or even in a week or a month, but you will eventually get where you envision yourself.

Choose Safe

You don’t have to go all crazy ninja, considering you joint health is pretty important too. So, whatever exercise you are going for, make sure you are picking the rid kind of shoes for padding and such a technique that won’t stress and shock your joints.


A consistent, dedicated practicing of this routine will help gain height by a good couple inches and maybe more!

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