Causes Symptoms and Treatment of High Cholesterol: – Natural Remedy for High Cholesterol
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Causes Symptoms and Treatment of High Cholesterol, In many reports, it is described that cholesterol is easily found in almost every cell of the body and it becomes really important function when it works to digesting of food or formation of hormones in body. Cholesterol can be good or even bad. It depends on the quantity of cholesterol in body. In future, excess of bad cholesterol become responsible for a serious heart attack.

There are Two Types of Cholesterol: –

  1. Low-Density lipoprotein: –

This kind of cholesterol is known as bad cholesterol in simple words.

  1. High-Density Lipoprotein: –

This cholesterol is considered as good cholesterol in common words.

Primary Function of Cholesterol in Body: –

  • Formation of structure of the cell walls.
  • Also make Vitamin D for body.
  • Producing digestive acids in body.
  • Promotes to builds hormones in the body.

Disease Formed by the Excess Cholesterol in Body: –

  • Kidney problem.
  • Diabetes
  • Liver disease.
  • Impact on thyroid glands.
  • Increase female hormones during pregnancy.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol: –

Causes Symptoms and Treatment of High Cholesterol, High cholesterol means raising the risk factor. It secretly works at internal organs makes your body fat and might also responsible for heart attack. So, avoid those foods which contain high cholesterol like: –

  1. Excess oil.
  2. Baked foods.
  3. Red meat.
  4. Fast foods.

Try to Consume Those Things Which are Rich With Good Cholesterol: –

  1. Vegetable oil.
  2. Fresh Foods.
  3. Beans.
  4. Oats.
  5. Whole Grains.
  6. Nuts.

Use all these things in place of those things which create cholesterol level high in the body. Also measure your cholesterol level at regular intervals. These habits can reduce the risk of major issues of cholesterol in the body.

Levels of Cholesterol in Body: –

For an adult person, total cholesterol level which is less the 200 mg per deciliter are consider to good health.

LDL Cholesterol Level: –

It should be less the 100 mg/Dl.

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HDL Cholesterol Level: –

It should be keep higher. The best reading of HDL is considered as 60 mg/dl or higher.

Final Verdict: –

Causes Symptoms and Treatment of High Cholesterol, There some changes in the lifestyle may bring some good results in your body. just try to follow these steps in daily life and be safe for the longer while. Along with these things, you also considered these steps which are listed below: –

  1. Do Regular Exercise

Daily exercise may bring some unbelievable alteration in the body. It keeps your body fit and fine at very natural method.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Smoking creates injury to health. It promotes mainly kinds of disease secretly in the body. So, try to avoid it.

  1. Maintain Average Body Weight

If you have extra weight issue then try to lose the body weight as much you can. It takes some efforts and time but will good for your health.

  1. Have Healthy Diet

Always consume only fresh and healthy foods. Mainly, avoid junk and oily foods. This steps ensure good health for you.

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