Chikungunya Joint Pain Treatment: – Get Relief From Joint Pain Easily
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Chikungunya Joint Pain Treatment, Are you still suffering with the joint pain after chikungunya fever? If yes, then we come here to provide brief details about how to get relief of joint pain. If you recovered from the chikungunya fever and still trapped in the joint pain issues then it can be the symptoms of joint arthritis. But it can easily treated if best treatment is provide as earlier is possible.

Symptoms of Joint Pain After Chikungunya

  • Muscles weakness.
  • Pain in body joints.
  • Lethargy
  • Fatigue

Why Does it Happen?

Chikungunya Joint Pain Treatment, This situation begins from the body’s immune system. When the chikungunya fever occurs in the body then our immune system automatically take position can works to counter the impact of fever. It regularly tends to fight with the chikungunya virus and because of this many cells of the body got damage and inflammation of tissues. When this situation occur in the across the joint area then creates joint pain. It can even lock the joint of the body like wrist, knees and elbows. Virus of chikungunya leads to delivers bad impacts on our immune system that leads to pain in muscles and joints.

Joints Affected by Chikungunya

  • Joints of feet and hip.
  • Joints of wrist.
  • Joint of hands and ankles.
  • Joint of hands.

How Longer Time it Will Take For Proper Improvement From Pain?

Precaution and medication are completely responsible for healing and reducing the recovery period. Although! It can take three months to one year to recover from pain. It is varying to every individual.

A healthier and fit body or a better diet system can help you to better recover from the fever.

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Treatment of Chikungunya Arthritis

There are some easy steps given here that promote to provide relief to the body: –

  • Cold and Hot Packs Treatment

You need to take some ice and hold it with a towel or any clothe and then apply it to inflamed area of body, it would give you some relief.

You can do it alternatively means using hot gel or water.

  • Medication

In this case, have to contact with a doctor and take proper consultation for this. Only consume those medicines which are prescribed by a doctor. Take medicine daily it will give you relief from pain.

  • Exercises

Chikungunya Joint Pain Treatment , This pain usually increases because of non movement of joint. So, try to do some mild exercises and turn your joints. You can also do it on sitting on a chair, you just sit and keep you leg straight and then relax. Repeat it several time as you can.

Conclusion: –

This chikungunya arthritis cans easily treats with these steps and just need to do it at regular period. Don’t try anything without any expert consultation. Avoid taking overdose of medicine because it will damage your liver and kidney. Do exercises and stay fit!

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