What is a Healthy Alternative to Monster Energy Drinks?
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Do you just go ahead and grab that can of energy drink as soon as you feel the slumber kicking in? Does it instantly make you feel better and all convinced that you just made a good food decision? If yes, then I hate to burst your bubble of energy drink nirvana. Monster energy drinks, while they do seem like a speedway to being aware and active and pretty dangerous to your overall health and just not worth the risk, honestly. Once you go through this article, you’ll think twice before gulping down another Monster drink can.

Why Switch Over?

Just as in most other cases, when it comes to energy drinks too, it doesn’t hurt to go natural. It is even more pressing to go natural when it comes to this matter as energy drinks such as Monster contain exorbitant amounts of caffeine, ginseng root extract, taurine, variants of sugar and other unhealthy combinations. None of this is good news.

Put Your Health First

You definitely need your long-term health more than you need a caffeine induced temporary energy spike. This spike is characterized by raised heart rate and blood pressure levels, restlessness and often sleeplessness. Not that appealing now, is it? If you really do need to restore your energy in a jiffy, try consuming green juices. Green juices are easily the holy-grail here!

Monster Energy Drinks

The Brimming Nutritious Value:

This is the biggest pro of switching to green juices for energy revitalization. While Monster energy drinks provide absolutely zero nutritional value, green juices and smoothies are abundant with great vitamins and minerals for the body. The generous fiber content keeps the digestive track healthy and clear of any issues. Most abundant of these is the vitamin B, this vitamin revitalizes and energizes the body. It leads to ready conversion of food molecules into energy, speeds up the metabolism, protects the body against strokes, and strengthens the nervous system among st other scores of benefits. Who in their right mind would pick a can of empty calories against this?!

Beautifying Properties:

Green juices and smoothies due to their high fiber content, water levels and nutritious value will keep you looking young and fresh. These power-packs in addition to restoring energy keep your skin aglow, your blood clean and your hair lush and strong.

Think Logic:

Most importantly, when you are downing a can of Monster energy drink after that fatigue kicks in, you could be stressing your body past its limits and capability. Think about this, your body could be signaling you about tiredness through fatigue, this means you most probably need rest and not a caffeine drenching. Consistent consumption of energy drinks could cause stress to your heart muscles and create a serious problem. For this reason solely, it is recommended to swear off of energy drinks all together.

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It is a clear and logical choice to switch over from health deteriorating Monster energy drinks to green juices and smoothies. With beautifying and health enhancing properties in addition to energy restoration, no energy drink can get better than green juices and smoothies.

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