What Are the Benefits of a Hair Transplant?
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Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure in which the hair follicles of a donor site are removed and implanted at the balding portion known as the recipient site. It is a painless, permanent and minimally invasive solution to balding. Before undergoing a cosmetic surgery it is essential to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the procedure. It has particularly gained a lot of popularity in India recently, especially in the capital city of Delhi which is booming with multiple cosmetic clinics offering hair transplant services at affordable prices.

Benefits of Hair TransplantinIndia:

  1. Permanent

It is a permanent solution to balding so if you have been using wigs or hair patches to deal with baldness then you would not need them anymore after a hair transplant. The implanted hair are taken from the safe donor site at the back of the scalp since the hair follicles in this area are resistant to the effects of the hormone DHT and hence even after being implanted they remain resistant to it which prevents their miniaturisation or hair fall.

  1. Painless

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia after cleaning the area thoroughly. This makes the scalp numb and hence no pain is felt when the follicles are retrieved or implanted.

  1. Minimally Invasive

There are only small pricks made into the skin which causes very slight bleeding at both the donor sit and recipient site. No internal organs are involved or affected during a hair transplant since it is a superficial procedure. This makes hair transplant a minimally invasive procedure.

  1. Natural Look

The transplanted hair in a hair transplant is the person’s own hair and hence gives a natural look. If you have a good surgeon then it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the regular hair on your scalp and the transplanted hair. Wigs and hair patches on the other hand are very obvious in appearance and have a risk of being exposed.

Natural Look

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  1. One-time Expense

A hair patch or a wig as a solution to hair loss may be cheaper but it is a short term solution and soon requires to be redone after some time. This makes it a repetitive expenditure as compared to a hair transplant which is a one-time expense.

  1. No Side Effects

It is a completely safe procedure with no side effects in the short or the long term. Even in the short term the side effects are just minor inconveniences such as dizziness, sleepiness, redness and swelling that soon subside and cause no major trouble.

  1. Can be styled

The transplanted hair can be styled as you want to. This is because it grows like normal hair. It can be coloured, styled and trimmed according to the desired style or look that you want.

Can be styled

It is hence clear that a Hair Transplant is not only a permanent and life changing solution to baldness but also has many other benefits that enable the person to lead a better quality of life without having to worry about their hair loss anymore.

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